What are your thoughts on alcohol free booze at home?

With more and more emphasis recently on the guidelines of alcohol consumption and the benefits of cutting down on the booze altogether there has never been a better time to take a serious look at the option of reaching for a bottle of alcohol free wine or a pack of alcohol free beer to enjoy at home. So what are the benefits of opting for alcohol free and on what occasion would it be best? Here are a few points to consider;


  • The obvious benefit is the health factor. There is no doubt as to the science behind the effects of alcohol on our bodies, both inward underlying issues and outward physical issues.

  • We can always manage an emergency at home better when there is no alcohol involved.

  • A nice option when having a dinner party is alcohol free, it’s always more comfortable when everyone is on the same page so there are definite brownie points for alcohol free wine here, in fact it could be a breath of fresh air for your guests.


Point 3 brings us to this question, would you opt for alcohol free when having a quiet night at home with your partner? Hmmm!?

Here’s a more serious question; Even if taken in moderation, when drinking in front of our children, do they even realize what’s alcohol free and what isn’t?

 What are your thoughts?



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