The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair is a symbol of the people no longer with us because of suicide or other issues like drugs and alcohol.

You can support this campaign to raise awareness of the loss in our communities from suicide and drugs and alcohol by placing your own empty chair somewhere, your building, a community venue, a public area or some other significant place. If you do this then we would be grateful if you can share a photograph by tagging facebook: @Parentsactionsupportgroup  @ascertni @niamh-wellbeing and Twitter: #emptychair16 #ascertni #Niamhwellbeing

Please take time to read the poem written by Caroline Davey and produced with her permission that could be placed on the chair with your own organisation’s branding if you wish

PASG meet 7-9pm on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Monday of the month at Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre. 

45/47 Donegall Street Belfast and on the 2nd Monday at ASCERT,
23 Bridge Street Lisburn.

The Empty Chair

by Caroline Davey

“It’s just a chair” said the woman with the perfect family, friends and house.

“It’s just a chair” said the teenager with the perfect life.

“It’s just a chair” said the child passing by happily licking on a lollipop.

“It’s just a chair” said the crowd of teenagers drinking alcohol at it.

“It’s just a chair” said the addict unknowingly about to inject for the very last time.

“It’s just a chair” said the sad, lonely desperate person walking by taking their final walk unable to see any other way out.

 But you see it’s not just a chair.

It’s the memory of all the people who have taken their own lives.

It’s a memory of those who have lost the fight with drugs and alcohol and it’s an eternal memory of a lost generation.

It’s the heartbreak of all the mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grannys, grandas, aunts and uncles that look at it everyday.

You see it’s not just a chair, it’s an empty chair.



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