Bye bye boozy Britain?

A recent article in The Huffington Post has suggested that Britain could be headed towards a more socially accepted and alcohol-free drinking culture.

Named after an alcohol free bar in Nottingham, “Sobars” have been popping up around the UK recently offering non-alcoholic cocktails & beers along with comedy nights and advice for people who want to ditch the booze.
There is definitely something in this when you think about the affect of not drinking alcohol can have on our social lives. Research suggests that more than ever we are looking at the unit guidelines for alcohol and trying to adhere accordingly. We are supposed to drink no more than 14 units per week (for male and female) but we don’t always know what a unit looks like. So with these bars it may be a great alternative to boozy nights out and hung over morning afters. Are we headed towards a big, happy, alcohol free reunion with the friends we don’t see anymore in a Sobar?  Or can we not shake the Northern Irish culture of drinking to we fall over?

We do have the option to head to a coffee house in the evening to chill out and catch up with friends but who really wants to get loaded up with coffee in the evening? But having an alcohol free cocktail or beer in a more sober environment sounds appealing, can you imagine yourself heading to an alcohol free bar after work on a Friday to enjoy an ice cold alcohol free beer – or does it all just not sit right with you?

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