Safe Summer Drinking

A cool alcoholic drink may seem like a good way to chill out and relax on a hot day but there are many potential downsides.

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink while on holiday. It’s something that a lot of us do but it is important to keep safety a priority. Here’s a few helpful pointers.


Drink within the Limits

This is just as important on holiday as it is when you’re drinking at home. Remember, it is recommended to drink no more than 14 Units a week which should be spread throughout the week.


Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it encourages the kidneys to lose extra fluid. This is why you go to the toilet much more when you drink alcohol. For every 1g of alcohol you drink, urine excretion increases by 10ml.

Alcohol can also have the effect of making you sweat more. The combination of sweating more in the heat and going to the toilet more regularly means you could lose more fluid than you take in and become dehydrated.

If you’re concerned about being dehydrated, look out for the following symptoms:

• A dry, sticky mouth;

• Sleepiness or tiredness;

• Thirst;

• Decreased urination;

• Headache;

• Dizziness or light headedness;

Drink water even when you aren’t thirsty – alternating your alcoholic drinks with something hydrating can keep you feeling well when having fun.


Avoid Swimming

While swimming is a great way to cool down during a warm day, it is advised not to do so while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol can impair your judgment which may cause you to take more risks. It will also slow down your reaction time making it more difficult for you to get out of a dangerous situation.


Don’t Drink and Drive

This is hopefully an obvious one to most people, but it is still just as important as it is back home. Designate a driver anytime a group of you plan to drink, or get a taxi.

Too many people take risks and it just isn’t worth it.

Following these guidelines will help ensure you stay safe while drinking alcohol abroad.

Have fun and stay safe!



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