Stay sociable and discover some of our fruit based mocktails to ditch the alcohol and swap it up. Here are some of our favourite recipes. 

How important it is for us to feel good, with three times as many people saying they’d rather be happy than have lots of money. So if you are planning to make January a detox month with plenty of healthy hydration techniques, we’ve got you covered on the cocktail front!

It is worth taking a few minutes to weigh up the benefits of reducing your alcohol. The health implications are amazing! You will feel better, sleep better, save money and be more prepared for the day ahead. On top of that your risk of cancers are reduced substantially. If all this does not tick your box, then try one of our mocktails just for the pure refreshing taste!


Scroll through our best recipes, all locally sourced and locally named!

We think they taste great and are a fantastic way to cut down on your units.

Have a great drink? Want to share it with others?

We are making a book of all the locally made drinks without alcohol. Can you think of one or remix a loved favourite? Add it below and we will send you a free copy of the book once we publish it!

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