How to Know when Alcohol is Interfering with your Life

Alcoholism is a serious problem. It affects all aspects of your life and can cause very severe consequences to your health, relationships, finances, and more. Before you get to the point of being an alcoholic, take a good look at yourself and try to determine if alcohol is really a problem in your life. Recognising the problem early will help you tackle it and get the help needed.

Abuse vs. Dependence

It is important to know that there is a difference between being an alcoholic and being someone who abuses alcohol.

Alcoholism is being dependent on alcohol, experiencing a growing tolerance to drinking, withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had a drink, trying to quit drinking and can’t, and other severe signs.

If you abuse alcohol, you are not an alcoholic, but you are on the path and at risk of developing a dependence. Abuse means that alcohol is beginning to interfere with your life.

Recognising the Signs

Listen to your Family and Friends

If those who care about you are voicing concern about your drinking, keeping you away from bars or parties, in an attempt to keep you away from drinking, it’s time to listen and take action.


Think about when you drink and why you choose to do so. Is it related to emotions? Do you drink to feel better when you’re down? Do you drink to avoid feeling negative emotions? If so, you are self-medicating. This means that you are drinking based on your emotions and that is never a healthy behaviour. Drinking emotionally can lead to addiction and dependence.

Your Health

If alcohol in any way interferes with your health, it is interfering with your life. Of course, you may not be able to tell yet what affects your drinking is having on your health. Many of the more serious consequences of drinking don’t show up until later in life. But, there are the immediate effects as well. If you are regularly waking up with a hangover then alcohol is affecting your well-being.

Your Relationships

When your drinking affects your relationships with others, it is interfering with your life. This could include neglecting your children, spouse, friends, or other family members so that you can drink. If you are not meeting your responsibilities when it comes to your friends and family because of drinking it is interfering with your life.


Recognising the problem is the first step and it is a good start. check out some of the links below on where to get help if you believe alcohol is having a negative affect on your life.



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