Alcohol is now being sold in coffee shops

How would you feel if you could buy booze in a regular coffee shop? This is now a reality as Costa Coffee has announced that they will be the first coffee franchise in the UK to offer alcoholic drinks along with the usual coffee.

 Controversial to say the least, could this lead to the end of our beloved alcohol-free coffee shops?

The popular chain has announced that they will be selling wine, cider, and even Irish coffees along with the regular drinks menu.

Many of us enjoy the fact that we can relax and sip on a coffee without others boozing on the table opposite, after all, if we want an alcoholic drink we can go to a pub right?, (wait, aren’t pubs illegal for anyone under 18?.. Hmmm?…) others however may embrace this move and it could be the future for all coffee shops going forward. Imagine being able to order a pint with your chi tea latte in Starbucks. I’m not sure I would like that.

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