8 tips for Dryathlon

Signed up for Dryathlon? Go you! You’re awesome!

Here are some of our top tips to help you get through it,

1. Ditch the stock.

Clear you home from any trace of alcohol to avoid unnecessary temptations. Get rid of any bottles or cans, everything. Give them away or chuck them in the bin.

2. Stock up on water.

Getting your fridge full of bottles of water is a great way to introduce the new healthier you vibe into the home. Also a great way to keep you and the family hydrated.

3. Save your money.

Put aside any money you would have spent on booze over the month. Treat yourself to a success prezzie when Dryathlon ends. New shoes? New jacket? A night out….??

 4. Get involved.

Aswell as taking part get to know where your money is actually going. Check out Cancer Research UK to see how your contribution is helping in the fight against cancer. Be proud.

5. Get active!

Use the time to get fitter. Get to the gym or take yourself out for a run on the morning you would usually be dragging yourself out of bed!

6. Make a list.

Make a list of the things you have been meaning to do but never seem to get round to it. Spend the time on a Saturday or Sunday morning checking the boxes on your list.

7. Visit old friends.

Use this time to visit some of the friends who have taken a back seat because you’re always with your “pub” mates.

8. Get your love-head on.

Spend time with your partner doing things that don’t involve alcohol. Get out to the cinema, a nice meal or for a walk somewhere romantic. Make sober memories!

So there you go 8 great tips to help get you to through it! If you have any other tips let us know and we will post them on our site.



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