Tools and services to help with alcohol

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What's alcohol and you?

Alcohol and you are a range of services funded by the Big Lottery Impact of Alcohol Programme to reduce alcohol related harm primarily in the South Eastern Trust Area.

The levels of support and intervention range from our self-help website through brief and extended levels of

There is also a family support programme aimed at helping family members of those impacted on by the use of alcohol.

Who is Alcohol and You for?

setttttings-01The programmes are for Adults who are willing to look at their drinking levels or those impacted on by someone else’s drinking, it is not however aimed at people who have developed significant dependence. If your drinking has reached a point of dependence please consult your GP.

If you require onward referral to other services, we will help and support you on this process.

Click on the links below to gain an understanding of each of the resources and services we provide and how you can access them.

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